Introducing My Brand New Lifestyle Blog!

Bonjour mes amis!


As you’ve probably noticed, I stopped working on this blog quite a while ago.  I know a lot of you loved it, and so did I!  The reason I had to stop was because it got way more expensive than I ever could have imagined.  All those extra ingredients every week really added up over time – I don’t know how the real Julie Powell did it!

Anyway, I’ve missed blogging a great deal and finally started a new site, which I’m really excited about.   It’s a lifestyle blog, containing tips and recommendations ranging from places to go in San Diego, to suggestions for throwing memorable small gatherings.  And there will definitely be more recipes there, certainly some French-inspired details from time to time.

I’d be honored if you’d follow me there – I’ll be posting new entries multiple times per week.

So please visit That California Style and subscribe for email updates.  I promise each post will be fun and informative 🙂

Thank you to all of the people who loved ‘Julia Child Goes Veg’, I had a blast with it – hope to talk to you all again soon over at!

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